Yep. it's me ! René de Vreugd , painting under the name of Arvee,  turning 68 this year and doing abstract oils for over 40 years now & being a independent curator for over 20 years.


I just LOVE what I do,  I just LOVE oil paint and all the secrets it hides for me.  I started to paint when I was just a little boy , it was my only hobby. Other kids played football , I drew and painted. At the age of  12  I was scouted by a professional artist group and had my first exhibition: drawings in ink of the city of Haarlem. I did portraits and landscapes , back in those days , and started to abstrahize about 35-40 years ago.  Doing the abstracts is not about throwing paint on your canvas ,it's about abstrahising daily life and you have to be free in mind to do so.  For me that was , and sometimes still is, the main border to pass. Stepping out of the rhythm , clear your mind to abstrahise your  daily life with oilpaint on linen. 


Welcome on my website.   Enjoy my work and if you are interested in which way ever, don't hesitate to get in touch with me or one of the art dealers I work with.

I work from my studio's in Helmond, the Netherlands and Calahonda, Andalusia, Spain.