Over the years I did several jobs as a curator in the Artindustry.


It started in 1996 , on request of the dutch moviemaker Thijs Ockersen, to curate an exhibition about the life of Sylvia Kristel ,a well-known dutch moviestar in those days.


During the opening of that exhibition a journalist for the daily Telegraph said to me ' if you want to do another good thing in your life, do an exhibition about the life and work of Lex Goudsmit, a well-known artist (Actor,singer, painter) in those days.

I did this retrospective in 1998.


In 2016 I curated the exhibition ' Realisme anno 2016' for the Museum Zandvoort,

in 2019 followed by the exhibition ' Most leading dutch abstract artists over the last 25 years '.


On request of Museum Musiom  I curated the dutch submission 'AU!' in 2019 for the International Cultural Centre in Venice,  during the Biënnale, in Palazzo Mora

with 4 painters from the core-collection of the museum : Arvee, Naerebout,vanhorck and Meg den Hartog.


Also for the ECC, European Cultural Centre, I curated the work of André Chi Sing Yuen at the Palazzo Mora, during the Venice Biënnale 2019.


Between 1999 and 2022 I designed many presentations for Artgalleries on International Artfairs and did a couple of juryjobs such as 'de kunstdagen',

'het portret ', Nederlands kampioenschap Zandsculpturen u.o.


Between 2016 and 2020 I worked as a board member for a couple of museums in the Netherlands.


In 2024 I curated a statue of 4 meter high , made by dutch Artist Micky Hoogendijk , in the garden Giardini Marinessa, next to the Arsenal during the Biënnale of Venice.


The next Venice biënnale will be in 2026 and I turn 70 that year. So, will I do another curator job in 2026 ? Right now I don't think so but.......never say never or just stop to live so......we'll see :-)