Over the years I did several jobs as a curator in the Artindustry.


 In 2016 I was the curator for the exhibition ' Realism anno 2016' commissioned by the Museum for contemporary art in Zandvoort , the Netherlands.


In 2019 followed by the exhibition ' Most leading dutch abstract artists over the last 25 years '.


In 2019 I made the dutch submission 'AU!' for the International Cultural Centre in Venice,  during the Biënnale, in Palazzo Mora.


Between 1999 and 2022 I designed many presentations for Artgalleries on International Artfairs.


Between 2016 and 2020 I worked as a board member for a couple of museums in the Netherlands.


Plans for 2024 : placing a statue of 4 meter high , made by dutch Artist Micky Hoogendijk , in the garden next to the Arsenal during the Biënnale of Venice.

More information later